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From the Gallery of the List a doorway gives acces to a rectangular courtyard, the Butchers hall. This hall is a slaughter  room, where animals were killed. The meat was then prepared for offering in the temple. Most of the time, the hall door is closed for tourists.  On its  walls, have been represented scenes of offerings to the gods and in frieze under these, the rituals of slaughtering of beef and gazelles. 

Do these engravings represent real actions, who took place in this piece, or were they there for the decoration or to serve of symbol of the enemy's destruction, as the hunt to the bull?  Some details drive A.R. David to think that slaughterings of animals took place there . A hole in the floor so that blood can flow out and the sites of dish stocking  led her to conclude that.

This scene is on the entrance wall between the Gallery of the List and the butchers hall. On the top, Sety I runs towards Wepawet with two vessels in hands. The navigation bar allows you to see some  other scenes in the Butchers hall.


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