Temple plan


Temple map 
1st hypostyle 
2nd hypostyle 
The 7 chapels 
Osiris complex 
Sokar complex 
King lists 
The butcher hall 
Barques hall 
Bull hall 


The temple is built L there and not endowed with an axis rectilinear as the tradition wants it. The big originality of this temple comes because seven divinities could be liked in separate chapels there. The chapel of Osiris serves several rooms said osirien Complex with three other small chapels. To the left of the chapel of Sety I, a door allowed to reach complex Nefertoum Sokar where we can see the famous scenes of Isis fertilized by resuscitated Osiris.  

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Plan inspired by the plan published in the article of Raymond Monfort (Toutankhamon magazine n30)

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