The Osiris complex


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1st hypostyle 
2nd hypostyle 
The 7 chapels 
Osiris complex 
Sokar complex 
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The butcher hall 
Barques hall 
Bull hall 


By the chapel of Osiris (photo on the left), a true door permits to penetrate in a big room with decorated walls. This room gives access, on the right, to three decorated small chapels and, on the left, to another hall and to three other chapels having lost their decorations. The set forms the complex of Osiris.



In entering,  the   west wall with a representation of the djed pillar  Only a part of the bottom scenes exists.



In the left, the south rooms with practically no inscription.




In entering,  the east wall with a picture set of divinities.




In the right, three small chapels devoted to  Isis , Osiris , Horus.  On the picture, lthe door of the Osiris chapel known as the chapel of  deified Sety.

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