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In this room, some small panels represent the Hapy god with offerings and the signs of the different nomes of Lower and Upper Egypt. You can see some details here.

The descriptions of the scenes of the temple owe a lot to the work of A. R. David on the religious ritual in Abydos (to see the page biblio).

The first room hypostyle includes two rows of columns. On the columns and the scenes with the Pharaoh Ramesses II, who made decorate this room are sculpted on the walls.
The lapwing "rekhyt" "king subject" is represented in worship before the Pharaoh's name. It is placed on a basket. At the back, the scene of the royal induction.

Below, you will find a description of this hall. Click here to see it in full screen.


West wall






Offering of king



The scenes have been engraved under the reign of Ramesses II with a technique different of the one of the other rooms (relief in hollow).  The north and south walls relate episodes of the royal rise, with two scenes concerning the king's purification.






South Wall

You can click on the small pictures to see the scenes and the commentaries.

North wall

Ritual suckling


Royal induction



As you can see it on the big picture of the top, the room is illuminated by some openings and rails of lighting producing on a part of the picture a yellow dominant that it is very difficult to alter.



















East wall

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