The 7 chapels

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The 7 chapels 
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The second room hypostyle permits to reach the 7 chapels. One sees here the entry of the Amun chapel situated in the axis of the temple, framed as the others by decorated walls that have been shown and described in the part on the 2nd hypostyle.  From left to right one finds the following chapels : Sety 1,  Ptah,  Re-Horakhty, Amun , Osiris,  Isis  and Hor us.

The Sety chapel distinguishes itself of the other by its iconography : the celebrations of the royal cult are represented there. The other chapels are decorate on the base of divine daily ritual. The priest being in a temple the Pharaoh's substitute, only officiant in title, the Pharaoh is shown in most scenes.


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