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This portico is constituted by square pillars decorated with scenes where Ramesses II is represented together with divinities. Pillars were completed in the modern time and a roof was put to protect the entrance.  The invoice of sculptures is more unrefined than that from the inside of the temple. On the wall of the bottom, the rests of the classic scene of the Pharaoh holding his enemies by hair are still visible: Amun looks at the scene.


The left part of the portico contains the Ramesses II Great Inscription. This inscription is accompanied with a magnificent scene where Ramesses II presents Ma'at to Osiris, Isis and Sety. The right part contains several scenes with different gods. You can reach these scenes by clicking on the small pictures below. Click here to have the botton views in full screen.


Left portico


Right portico


Cartridge of Ramesses II is sculptured on pillars, leaving no doubt on the name of the one who made build this part of the temple.

"Ouserma'atre" Powerful is Ma'at

"Setepenre" Chosen by Re (attribute which will be used only at the end of the year II of Ramesses)

is the fourth name of  Ramesses II

Ramesses II is welcomed by Hathor, then by Sekhmet, then by the other gods. In the bottom, Ramesses and Ptah.

On pillars, is also registered Horus de Ramesses II's name: " alive Horus, powerful Taurus loved by Ma'at... "

Ramesses II invites the visitor to enter the temple.


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