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Of ramesside period, the best preserved building is the temple of Sety I. The Pharaoh Sety I reigned only a dozen years (1291 - 1279) but led, among others, a policy of intense construction: the present temple of " million years " to Abydos, another funeral temple in Thebes ( Gourna), the hypogée immense of the Valley of kings and the arrangement  of a part of Karnak. In his constructions, reliefs show one admirable sharpness which make them count among the leaders of work of the Pharaonic civilization.

The major part of its temple to Abydos was decorated under his administration and  son Ramsès II made end on his behalf most of the decorations of the temple. The current portico and the first room hypostyle were decorated by Ramesses II.


This view was just taken in front of the ancient entrance of the temple. We perceive the vestiges of the entrance on the first courtyard Today, both  are reduced to the state of vestiges.

The visitor penetrates into the temple by the second portico which was inside the temple and which was strengthened in the modern time.

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This part presents a set of photos of the temple of Sety I in Abydos. The temple is plunged into a semi-twilight and panels are enlightened on the bottom, in a non-homogeneous way. Photos were taken without flash and redeemed  then to create details. This site is optimized for a display 1024x768 in full screen.

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