The King lists of Abydos


Temple map 
1st hypostyle 
2nd hypostyle 
The 7 chapels 
Osiris complex 
Sokar complex 
King lists 
The butcher hall 
Barques hall 
Bull hall 


The Gallery of the Lists contain several lists of Pharaoh having their reign before Sety. It opens up in the second room hypostyle and conduct toward one of the service rooms known as the Butchers' hall. On the right wall , after the king lists, two doors open, one to hall of the Bull and to the exit, and the other to the hall said of the Barks.  Between these two doors, a panel represents Sety I before Ptah.

The future Pharaoh Ramesses II and his father Sety before the table of the annals giving on  the names of the first kings starting with Menes. For details please use the navigation bar below.


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