The passage is a narrow tunnel that permitted to reach the Osireion. Merenptah decorated the right wall of this hall  with  a complete version of the Book of Gates and the left wall with the Book of Caverns (Hornung, 2007). The photos come from a booklet bought there at Abydos.


The 11st hour in the Book of Gates (cf for example Hornung, 2007): on the left, the face of Re is dragged in a boat so that the deaths can see the god's face. On the right, the solar boat where Re is accompanied with the Sia  and Heka gods. The cabin is surrounded with the protective snake mehen.. Below, the file of the rowers of the boat, preceded by  the hours goddesses.

Click here to see a part of the 12th hour.

End scene of the 12th hour in the Book of Gates : Noun sustains the boat of Re who is represented like a scarab, surrounded with Isis and Nephtys.

 (Hornung, 2007).



[19th dynasty]