The west wall of this hall is decorated with chapters of the Book  of the Dead dealing  with the  names of Osiris  (chapter 141 to 143) (Murray, 1904). These chapters are inscribed within  three registers.  The register of the top gives a list of the divinities.  The two registers of the bottom  concern Osiris, his different epithets and his identifications: Khentiamentiu, Ounennefer, Orion...  On the right, Merenptah is represented before a table of offerings (visible very partially here, to see below). On the left, a scene  shows Horus invigorating Osiris. 

Click here  to see the right part.

Right part of the wall, with its three registers and the scene with Merenptah.


These views come from two archives reachable in the net, Egypt Archive for the top view and Archeological Archive  for the bottom view.  Without the original views,  I extracted somehow the two opposite scenes with Merenptah and Horus that you can see here .


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